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Camera Tools

Camera Tools

Introducing Camera Tools - Your Q-SYS Plugin for Effortless Camera Control

We are thrilled to present Camera Tools, a versatile Q-SYS plugin designed to enhance your camera control experience. With Camera Tools, you'll discover a world of convenience at your fingertips, allowing you to manage camera positions and routing effortlessly.

Multi-Action Button: Camera Tools introduces a powerful multi-action button that responds to short-press, long-press, and extra-long press actions. This flexibility empowers you to perform various camera-related tasks with ease.

Camera Routing: The same multi-action button is intelligently utilized to follow the selected camera in the camera router, offering seamless control over your camera network.

Automatic Camera Preset Recall (ACPR): Camera Tools enhances your control environment by enabling controls only when the ACPR is bypassed. This smart feature ensures that you have access to essential controls precisely when you need them.

The plugin doesn't need a license to be emulated, so you can test it for free.
A license key is required. One license per core, no matter how many times you use it into your design.


Version 1.0 :

  • Initial release

Version 1.1 :

  • Visual bug fixe : Add Multi-Match and Active Camera Controls into the ACPR Lock function.

Version 1.2 :

  • Add Image Button properties.

Version 1.3 :

  • Add support to Automatic Camera Preset Recall V3.1
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